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EC meeting with BMM

The Election Commission (EC) has started a meeting with the Bangladesh Muslim League (BML). The meeting began at 11pm on Monday.

President AHM Kamruzzaman Khan is leading the party. Besides, there are 9 other party members, including Kamruzzaman.

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda presided over the meeting. Other Election Commissioners and the Acting Secretary of the EC are also present in the meeting.

After the meeting, the EC will hold a meeting with Khelafat Majlish at 3pm. After the meeting with the civil society, journalist delegation and the cultural liberation movement registered with the EC, the EC will now sit in the meeting.

The constitutional organization has started a meeting with the partners in the electoral work plan. However, after a break of Monday August 30, one day after the Revolutionary Workers Party of Bangladesh at 11 am and 3 pm National Democratic Party (Jagpa) sit with the EC.

Apart from this, on 10 September, at 11 pm, the Bangladesh Front and the Islamic Movement Bangladesh will be held in the afternoon at 3pm.The EC is holding opinions on 9 issues for smooth conduct of Eleventh Parliament elections.

The agenda also includes necessary law reform, preparation of correct voter list, setting up of polling centers, registering new teams, auditing of registered parties and EC’s ability.

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