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No people will die from this country: Ashfaq Ahmad

Sylhet Sadar Upazila Parishad Chairman Ashfaq Ahmad said that people are victims of poverty due to environmental conditions, no one calls for poverty. After a long time in the country after two major floods and by the grace of Allah, I could overcome it.

It was only possible that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had the government. As long as we live, no human will die without eating, we will do whatever we need to do. During this time, he highlighted the various developmental works of the government.

Sadar Upazila Awami League’s legal advisor was present. Abdul Aziz, Sadar Upazila Juba League leader. Iqal Ahmad, Vice-President of Union Awami League and member of ward no. Bashir Ahmad, general secretary Abdul Malik, ward no 7 member Ansar Ali, 7, 8 and 9 ward female member deleted.

Nesarun Nesha, Ward No 7, Awami League President SM Star Mia, Ward no 8 Awami League President Inantaz Ali, Secretary Masuk Mia, ward no. Moktar Hossain, upazila volunteer leader Fakhrul Islam, Sadar Upazila Juba League leader Mobarak Hossain, Mizanur Rahman, Dilowar Hossain, Moktar Hossain Talukder Imran Ali, Junaid Ahmed, deputy leader Shahadat Hossain, Upazila Chhatra League leader Kafil Mia said. Abdul Basit, the aisles, Maruf Ahmed, Nizam, Saidur Rahman, Aaron, sajima, sairula, Yasin, front, alinura Ahad, the Awami League leader Mian Abid, Kabir Ahmad.

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