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Hakaluki haors abuzz with more migratory birds

unnamed (1)Asia’s largest Haor Hakaluki is full with migratory birds. From Siberia and Himaly region many bird came in winter due to ecological problem. delighting visitors with their chirping and fluttering. Birds of different species have come earlier this year and their number is also more than last year, bird watchers said.

Previously since November 40 to 50 species of birds came here. At present the scene is changing. Ecological change absence of free movement and killing by hunter is main reason to reduce guest bird An unscrupulous group and in fluencies fashionable hunter are responsible to kill the birds.

Working in Hakaluki an NGO CRAL project officer Tauhidur Rahman said, Number of visiting bird are small this year. At present there are 12 safe places for birds that is small in requirement. HE said its main reason is professional and influential killers are increasing.

People residence in haor area said, this year migratory birds came lately. Due to stagenation in haor area birds came in December.

Local formers said bird hunter run in day time in guise after sun set they kill birds in a group. They fell net and kill bird till mid night. They left haor before down. They sell it to local market and hotels. many amateur killer came by motor bike and car to pray it. As they are influential none say anything. Some boys who ran cows in haor use insecticides to kill the bird.

As there is not adequate safe home for birds, irregular operation against bird hunter and inadequate co-ordination betwan NGO and local administration day by day no of bird killers increasing. As a result number of  migratory bird reducing day by day.

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