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CAP foundation to run mental health services in Sylhet

unnamed (2)Charity organisation CAP foundation is establishing a complete mental health service centre in Sylhet.  They will taking projects to supply relief to 24 Upozillas of four divisions in Bangladesh.  To bring these projects in light, a group of 16 youth are soon travelling to Bangladesh.  The officials of CAP foundation told this in meeting which took place on 6th January in East London.

Chief Executive Officer of CAP foundation Nur Humayun provided the details about their trip. He told that the visitors will work on to establish water, sanitation, winter clothes distribution, sewing machine and Rickshaw distribution, Shelter accommodation, stipend distribution and other welfare projects.

Head of Women’s group of the Foundation, Polly Islam provided more details on establishing a complete mental health project in Sylhet.  This part of the press conference was conducted by CAP foundation official Abdus Samad.

On her briefing she told that around 450 million people are suffering from mental health problems in the world. Bangladesh is also not immune from this problem.  Around ten thousand people each year commit to suicide in this country.  CAP foundation UK wants to help this poor and destitute people of Bangladesh.

The team will visit Bangladesh with their own resources. British Bangladesh social worker Hena Ahmed is also travelling to Bangladesh with this group.  

Other speaker who took part in this press briefing included charity worker Afia Samad, Jian Khanom, Faruk Miah, Abdus Samad, Abdul Majid, Meghna Uddin and others.

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