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At Kamalapur, a reflection: Exhibition at Gram Bangla restaurant in Brick Lane

unnamedAt Kamalapur, an on-going art project by Ruhul Abdin, which forms as part of a series of portrait drawings of people at the Kamalapur Railway Station, in Bangladesh’s capital, the megacity of Dhaka is being exhibited at Gram Bangla restaurant in Brick lane, East London.  

Drawn from life, in conte charcoal and pencil on A2 drawing paper and studies across sketchbooks, the portraits express what the artist sees, and feels at the time. There is a rigour of revisiting the site, and re-drawing the same sitters by the artists.  

There were very limited conversations and time for activities with his sitters, and therefore, a lot of the portraits were only a memory of seeing. 

Dhaka, it is one of the densest megacities in the world, with a population of over 17 million people. Kamalapur Station is the largest train station in the country and the most important terminal for transportation between Dhaka and the rest of Bangladesh.

This exhibition is part of Oitij-jo’s up and coming ‘AKHON/Where is Bengal Now? Oitij-jo Collective is a platform for UK’s creative talents of Bengali and the British-Bengali Community ranging from Literature, Art, Design, Fashion and Music.

Gram Bangla restaurant, where the exhibition is taking place is an authentic Bangladeshi fish restaurant famous for serving fresh water fish from Bangladesh. It is the first restaurant to specifically cater for the need of the Bangladeshi community particularly amongst the young professionals.

The curated space, inside the restaurant, with eight A2 drawings (2 figures, 6 portraits), framed strongly in black; and the selection of similar drawings provides the potential to have a conversation. The artist left it to the viewer to imagine what the life of each drawing maybe about. It has led to interesting dialogue.

The exhibition is free to view and runs until 22- January 2017 from 10am – 11pm, daily @Gram Bangla, 68 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RL .


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