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How Suu Kyi holds pro-democracy title!

rohingya-people1482205455Swedish origin Alfred Bernhard Nobel was a famous scientist. He astonished the entire world by inventing dynamite in his time. But it was the first phase to begin the destruction in the history of world as western countries started to kill millions of innocent people using it in battlefields. The carnage and bloodshed made Alfred Nobel very shocked.

That`s why in 1895, he left all his properties in a will to establish a Trust which is now widely known as Nobel Foundation. Since then, the Nobel prizes had been introduced. Of all the six fields (Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economics), of the Nobel foundation, Peace prize is considered as the most attractive award.

It is as if there is no end of controversies over the Nobel peace laureates who had been selected from the very beginning of the prize.

This time, a strong debate has started on different virtual media over returning the peace prize of Myanmar`s so called pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Signing an online application, everyday millions of people are giving their consent to take away her peace award for her controversial role over Rohingya issue.

The country`s government has been conducting counter-insurgency operations against the ethnic Muslim minority and killing the unarmed, innocent Rohingya people in Rakhine state.

Security forces of the country have been shooting them, slaughtering children, raping women, burning and looting houses and forcing them to cross the river into Bangladesh.

A large number of Rakhine Buddhists, who themselves claimed in believing a non-violence and utmost religion, also joined with the state forces for cleansing the Muslim minority.

The state forces are setting fire at the houses of Rohingys, burning them alive. They are indiscriminately firing on them from helicopter.

The way how Myanmar authority is committing violence against the Rohingyas and forcing them to flee their homes, is definitely anti-civilization. This is obviously crimes against the humanity.

Several video clips of the torture and attacks by the state forces were recently uploaded on virtual media by a British journalist which went viral and drew much criticism throughout the world.

When the state persecuted Rohingya people and forced them to leave their ancestral lands after cramming into small boats, pitted against one another without food and water, tortured like slaves, how the so-called paragon of democracy (idolised by western media) keeps her silent.

When the unfolding human tragedy gripped the whole world, many reports and opinion pieces, journalists and columnists of famed international media outlets have called into question her double standards on the Rohingyas, why she has chosen to remain silent over the issue.

It is very much regretful when such an iconic figure of human rights remains so reticent in case of defending an ethnic minority of her own country.

With this manner, it is really unbefitting for her to hold the Nobel Peace Award.

Though there is no record of withdrawing Nobel Peace Prize since its introduction, but millions of people simultaneously are signing the online application to withdraw the peace prize in protest of cleansing Rohingya ethnic people from their own lands and discouraging the crimes against humanity.

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