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BCA Restaurant of the Year final selection process held

unnamed-9Bangladesh Caterer’s Association has just completed is final selection process for its Restaurant of the year award 2016. This year’s final selection process took place in room 11 of House of Commons Committee room. The event was hosted by Paul Scully PM where President of BCA Pasha Khandakar and General Secretary M A Munim attended the event as invited special guests. Other guests who were present at the event included Collin McMillan, Paul Walkman, Lord Karab Bilimuria, Karen Buck MP, Charlotte Leslie MP, David Macintosh MP, Rupa Haque MP, Baroness Paula Manjila Uddin, Lord Sheikh, Michel Ellis MP, John Hawker, Leslie Wetman, Mayor Parvez Ahmed, Mayor Nadia Shah, Mostofa Kamal Yakub, Demon Sawarbrick and other BCA leaders
Returning for the 11th year on the 27th November, BCA Awards is the ultimate destination for the Bangladeshi restaurants and takeaways in the UK to connect celebrate and discover. This year’s event will be taking place at Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge, and London. A major highlight of this year’s event is to celebrate ‘Authenticity though innovation’ by combining Bangladesh culinary traditions with the local influences and ingredients. It will recognise the achievements of exceptional restaurants and talented chefs who have an ability to imbue each dish with local cooking style which create cross-cultural fusion of flavours and textures.

BCA Awards wouldn’t be complete without our hosts. Irish cooking queen Rachel Allen will be joining with dynamic Raj Ghai.Rachel is a celebrity chef known for her work on television and as a writer, recognised regionally and globally. Raj Ghai is best known in the industry as a publicist who has worked with a number of celebrities worldwide. Together on the stage they will amuse the audience bringing their unique personalities and flair of passion for food. There will be 3 categories to highlight the best in British curry cuisine from across the UK, including BCA Chef of the Year, BCA Restaurant of the Year and BCA Honour of the year. With an impressive live line-up and hosts of passionate, knowledgeable speakers, the stage at this year’s BCA Awards has something to inspire and excite everyone, whatever your passion or role in the industry.

Valued and respected supporter of BCA, Richard Harrington MP will be hosting this year’s press launch for the event at The House of Commons on Thursday 17th November.

Despite the fact that industry is facing hardships such as the shortage of chefs and the closure of many restaurants, it still remains strong and united to deliver authenticity through innovation in the Bangladesh culinary industry, which has now become an integral part of British Culture. Annual BCA Awards encourages Curry industry growth by acknowledging the achievements of chefs and the industry have made in the last year. By staying united and working together BCA Awards is aiming to make the curry industry prosper and enhance the future of Bangladesh community in the UK.

BCA Awards is one of the most important and successful events in the British Curry Industry for 11 years. The ceremony this year will be honoured with the attendance of our most senior politicians, dignitaries, celebrities, highly influential members of the catering industry, who will gather to unite with and applaud this year’s winners.

Established in 1960, today the Bangladesh Caterers Association (BCA) has defined itself as the Pride of Bangladeshi community through its relentless efforts. It represents over 12,000 British Bangladeshi restaurants and takeaways in the UK. The BCA prides itself on cultural heritage and promoting the authentic taste of curry.

Pasha Khandaker, BCA President says: “In this BCA awards allows us to acknowledge and thank all the talented people who are in the curry industry; for being part of this phenomenal event that has allowed us to grow and make recognised ourdelicious flavours and innovation of the Bangladesh cuisine in the British culture”

MA Munim, BCA Secretary General says: “BCA Awards is the perfect time to acknowledge and thank all talented people who have achieved so much in the curry industry. They are the part of this phenomenal event that allows us to grow, prosper and make our flavours be recognised in British Culture”

The BCA Awards is grateful to its array of sponsors and partners, who express their commitment and support to the BCA Awards. Special Thanks to them, Cobra Beer, Kingfisher Beer, Square Mile Insurance, Kansaras, Chef Online, Aroma Ice Cream, Utilty Wise, Madhus, Khosla Wine, Raj Jewellers and Chosen Charity Human Appeal.

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