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Bianibazar Welfare Trust are going to India to observe treatment of Rokunuzzaman

unnamed-3Community organisation Bianibazar Upozila Welfare Trust organised a view exchanging meeting to give updates on donations given to meritorious MC College student Rokunuzzaman.   The meeting read that there was a commitment of 41 thousands pound for the treatment of Rokunuzzaman, among that 30 thousand pounds have been collected.  The leaders also urged to the people who committed donation to hand in their contribution to the leaders of the organisation.

President of Bianibazar Upozila Welfare Trust Muhibur Rahman Muhib presided over the meeting which took place in a restaurant in East London on 7th November and General Secretary Delwar Hossain conducted it.

Guests who addressed the audience included Treasurer and former councillor Mamunur Rashid, Organising Secretary Shahed Ahmed, representatives of community organisations Jahangir Khan, Masud Ahmed, Koyes Ahmed, Shihab Uddin Kajol, Mahbub Ahmed, Sadiqur Rahman Bokul, Jasim Uddin, Delwar Hossain Dulu, Atique Hossain, Misba Rahman, Najrul Islam, Kamrul Hossain, Juber Ahmed, Alim Uddin, Atique Hossain, Abu Bakar Khasru and others.

President of the organisation Mamunur Rashid mentioned that they are were going to travel to India the following week to observe the treatment of Rokunuzzaman.  He also informed that Rokunuzzaman is now in stable condition and soon he will receive bone marrow transplant.

Mamunur Rashid expressed his deep gratitude to the people who co-operated to raise the fund for Rokunuzzaman’s treatment.

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