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CAP foundation to serve mental health patients in Bangladesh

unnamed-7Around 450 million people in the world are suffering from mental health, which is 12% of the whole population. Mental health problem is the fourth most deadly condition among all. Like in many other countries, this problem is becoming acute in Bangladesh.  According to one study, around 16.1% adults and 18.4% children are suffering from this condition.  As a result, at least 10,000 people a year try to commit suicide.  However, the sad thing is, there are only 800 hospital beds for these 25 million sufferers.

To help these victims, UK based Charity organisation CAP wants to start their work in Bangladesh. The organisation has already organised activities to raise awareness on mental health. CAP will start its work initially in Greater Sylhet and then spread thorough out the country.  As part of their service, CAP will arrange specialist doctors for the treatments of people who are suffering from mental health problems.

The organisation has organised a fashion show at Regency Hall in East London on 7th October to raise the awareness and raise fund.  The event was for women only where a number of celebrities, Islamic Scholars and speakers took part.

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