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Iftar Mahfil orgniased by Nabiganj Upozilla Welfare Organisation

3c6f3c3a-122c-44fc-876e-eac018dc9545Nabiganj Welfare Organisation UK organised an Ifter and Duwa Mahfil in a restaurant in East London on 13th January.  President of Habiganj Association UK Accountant Mahmud A Rouf presided over the pre Ifter meeting and discussion and former student leader Delwar Hossain Dipu conducted it.

Journalist and Researcher Matiar Chowdury attended the Iftar and Duwa Mahfil as the Chief Guest.  Special Guests were Kamrul Hasan Chowdhury, President of Habiganj District Association M A Ajij, TV Presnter and Journalist Misbah Jamal, Journalist and Human Rights Activist Ansar Ahmed Ullah, Barrister MahMudul Haque, prominent lawyer Shamim Chowdhury and Abul Kalam Azad Choton.

Prominent Islami activist Mowlana Abu Ahmed dicussed the importance of Ramadan and conducted the Munajat.

Guests who addressed the audience and took part in the discussion included young community activist Abdul Halim Chowdhury, Ataur Rahman Chowdhury Suhel, Ashique Miah, Ibadur Rahman, Mohin Uddin, Farid Miah, Babul Ahmed Chowdhury, Mohammod Sadeque Ahmed, Shamim Miah, Azad Miah and others.

Guest who were present at the Iftar and Duwa mahfil included Dr Gias Uddin Ahmed, Dr Roab Uddin, Ekhlasur Rahman Pakku, Shah M A Malik, Dorbesh Chowdhury, M A Hakim, Hadis Miah, Helal Chowdhury, Mirja Tasnu Beg, Mirja Awlad Beg, Haji Abdul Gafur, Khairul Hasan Chowdhury, Abul Hossain, Mohammod Angur Miah, Najmul Hossain, M A Gafur, Ahab Uddin Talukdar, Shah Shohid Ali, Zafor Ahmed Masud, Abul Hasanat, Jewel Miah, Foras Miah, Selim Rashid, Mahfuj Ahmed Chowdhury, Mohammod Altab Uddin, Asi Miah, Mohammod Mashuk Miah, Shah Ziaur Rahman, Abul Kashem, Tajmul Ali Sardar, Mohammod Shahriar Alam Shueb, Harun Miah, Shahidul Hasan Chowdhury, Mohammod Tohel Chowdury, Bilal Hossain and others.

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