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Jagannathpur Upozilla Welfare Trust UK organises its meeting

Jagannathpurafe11af9-4bca-43c4-8ab7-1fce6e29963e Upozilla Welfare Trust UK organised a meeting to celebrate International Mother Language Day and welcome the month of Independence.  The meeting was held in Conservative Hall in Newham High Street and was presided over by President of the organisation Saleh Ahmed Chowdhury Alfu.  

General Secretary of the Trust Shah Shahidur Rahman conducted the event.  Guests who addressed the audience included Labour Party Leader Cllr Umesh Desai, Leader of Barking and Dagenham Council Darren Rodwell, Deputy Speaker of Tower Hamlets Council Rajib Ahmed, Cllr Ayesha Chowhury, Cllr Rahima Rahman, Cllr Faruque Chowdhury, former Mayor Saiful Alam, President of Sunamganj District Association Iqbal Hossain, former President Mohammod Shahjahan, Community Activist Angur Ali, President of Jalalabad Kalyan Parishad Ashiqur Rahman, Sadrujjaman Khan, Foyjur Rahman, Faruque Miah, Anwar Miah, Dudu Miah, Mokitur Rahman, Modris Ali, Khademul Islam, Sab  Ali, Abu Sufiayan, Majumdar Ali, Shah Litu Qureshi, Al-Amin and others.

The Speakers welcomed the month of independence  and paid their tribute to the martyrs of Intermantional Mother Language Day who gave their lives for to achieve Benglai as the state language.

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