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NRB Initiative to build hospital in Gobindagonj

gobindaganjAnsar Ahmed Ullah:A group of British Bangladeshi ex pats have taken a new initiative to build a new modern 50 bed hospital, including a nursing school, in Gobindagonj, Chhatak in Sylhet. The organisers have already taken initiative to acquire land for the proposed hospital announced recently in January at a press conference held at east London White House venue.

The proposed location of the hospital is near Sunamgonj Sylhet Road and is a stone through away from Gobindagonj Rail Gate in a quiet rural environment surrounded by lush green paddy land easily accessible and well connected by local roads. The site consists of approximately 8.5 bigas land in one plot. Approximately 4 bigas will be used for the hospital and staff accommodation. The remaining land will be earmarked for the development of the nursing college. The directors of the company have already finalised negotiations with the owner of the land and the terms of transfer has been agreed.

There will be two types of share holder s in the company, Share Holder Directors and Ordinary Share Holders. Each share will have a value of 100 taka. Those who will buy 25,000 shares (25 lac taka) will join the board of the company as Directors. There will be 50 Directors in total. Those who will buy less than 25,000 shares will be Ordinary Share Holders. An ordinary shareholder will be expected to invest a minimum of 100,000 taka (1000 shares) in the company.

Ayub Korom Ali, Chairman of the project said, ‘In time we expect the hospital to be the leading health care facility in the greater Sylhet area. The project will be entirely privately financed. The funds required will be raised by issuing shares in the company to investors both in UK and in Bangladesh. We have 14 investors who have already signed up to be directors in the company.

We feel this is an exciting opportunity to be a part of a development that is not only financially sound but has the potential to transform the area. We invite you to join us in creating a lasting legacy in health care in our area and take advantage of the commercial benefits it offers.’

Those who have already have signed up to the project are eye specialist Dr Abdur Rahman, GP Dr Moin Uddin, Consultant Dr Salim Md Ali, Dr Azam Khan,, DR Shahin Khan, Dr Afsor Uddin, business man Md Abdul Mukit, businessman Khelu Miah, businessman Rois Ali, Marketing consultant Oliur Rahman, businessman Omar Ali, businessman Heron Miah, Shahagir Bakth Faruk, Angur Miah and Azgar Ali.


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