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Protest against killing of publisher Dipon

Dorpon Publication arranged a protest meeting in East London at Wodenham Community Centre protesting the killing of publisher Faisal Abedin Dipon and three others who are injured in the

violent attack and demanding punishment of the perpetrators. The editors from different Bangla

newspaper, media activists, bloggers, writers and many others attend the meeting at 7 pm.

The meeting was directed by the Publisher of Dorpon publication Amimul ahsan Tanim where

speakers came down hard on the government as they alleged the incidents recur due to the

failure of the government. Furthermore, speakers are said that Police in Bangladesh has a good

reputation in the prevention of crime in the past. However, at present their role in the prevention of

crime is questionable due to the continuous failure and an increasing number of crimes. Speakers

also said that writers must need to use their pen in the right way their pen must not be used as

means of hate speech which could hurt a religious belief or a particular group.

Spokespersons include in the meeting are Editor Weekley DeshTaisir Mahmud; Editor Ahmed

Moiez Weekley Surma, bangla Times Editor Nazrul Islam Bashon, Weekley London Bangla

Editor senior juournalists K M Abu Tahir Chowdhury, Weekley Jonomot Executive Editor Sayem

Chowdhury, London Bangla Press club event secretary Towhid Ahmed, Columnist & poet

Shiabujjaman Kamal, Human rights activist and blogger Sayed Baki, Blogger Mustak Ahmed,

Channel S reporter Abul Kalam, Community personality Mohammed Jaman, Youth leader Juber Ahmed.

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