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Greater Lamakaji Welfare Association forms its new executive committee

unnamedGreater lamakaji Association organised its annual general meeting on 27th August in a venue at East Ham. The AGM was presided over by President Faruque Ali and General Secretary Abdus Salam conducted it.

A 33 members executive committee was formed for the 2015-2017 unanimously in the presence of all the members. The new committee is:

President Mohammad Shah Noor, Senior Vice-president Sadequzzaman, Md Kasir Miah, Md Lutfur Rahman Selim, Noor Mohammod Saruf, Mahbubul Alam, Helal Ahmed, Abdul Khalique, Somuj Ali, Shayesta Miah, Moshrof Ali and Saad Miah; General Secretary Abdus Salam; Co-General Secretary Sadiqur Rahman Maruf, Jabed Miah, Enamul Haque, Rohel Khan and Shahin Ahmed; Treasurer Foyjul Haque, Co-treasurer Badruzzaman and Mujibur Rahman Selim, Organising Secretary Akhtaruzzaman, Press and Media Secretary Selim Rahman, Women’s Secretary Jeba Mohammod, IT Secretary Kaher, Sports Secretary Shahnoor Miah, Co-sports Secretary Ali Haider, Religious Affairs Secretary Maolana Habibur Rahman, Co-religious Affairs Secretary Muktar Ahmed Mijan.

The executive members are Samir Ali, Amera Begum, Sathik Miah and Saron Miah.

The members of executive committee are Hiron Miah, Dowlot Khan, Faruque Ali, Nurul Islam Madhu, Habibur Rahman, Shahjahan Karim, Anwar Ali, Anisur Rahman, Ali Hossain, Islam Uddin, Farid Miah, Moshahid Ali, Saifur Rahman, Shams Uddin and Abdur Rajjak.

Solaiman Ahmed, Cllr Mahbubul Alam Mamun and Faruque Mahfuz Ahmed will act as executive advisors of the organisation.

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