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Rayhan reaches for the sky

British-Bangladeshi Rayhan Kareem has been awarded a gliding

scholarship by the Honourable Company of Air Pilots. Rayhan was

delighted to receive the scholarship saying “it was the best day of my

life”. He was one of five lucky recipients of the annual award out of

hundreds of applicants. The gliding training will take place in the

Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre during August where he will learn to fly

solo. Rayhan’s tutors at Morpeth School where instrumental in him

applying for the scholarship and were very supportive of the process.

Rayhan’s Mother Shahanara Begum said: “We are incredibly proud that

Rayhan has been accepted on to the Air Pilots London Schools Gliding

Scholarship programme. Rayhan understands that it is a privilege to be

accepted and we are all grateful for the incredible support and

encouragement given to him by the teachers and staff at Morpeth School,

in particular Miss O’Connor. I am very proud that Rayhan is now

considered a role model for younger students by teachers at Morpeth

School. Rayhan has been interested in aeroplanes since he was a child

and spends much of his leisure time in related activities. I hope that this

scholarship will help him towards his dreams of becoming a pilot, his

determination to achieve his goal inspires us all.”

Rayhan is passionate about aeroplanes and is currently a Senior Cadet at

Air Cadets, he feels the skills he gained there made his scholarship

application much stronger. He was one of four Cadets from the 31st

 Squadron to be invited to Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday celebrations

at Buckingham Palace this month and saluted Her Majesty and other

important dignitaries from the front line. Rayhan would like to continue

his training at the Air Cadets and further develop his skills of navigation

and flying planes. Rayhan hopes to apply for more flying scholarships in

future as a stepping stone to help him in his dream of becoming a pilot.

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