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Brisk walking could do good in preventing Alzheimer’s

According to a recent study, you may want to put on those walking shoes and head to a park. The University of Wisconsin-Madison study found that the people at risk of Alzheimer’s disease, who do more moderate-intensity physical activity, but ...

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At women-only salon in New York, Muslim-Americans prepare for Eid

Nevien Shehadeh, 19, was one of many Muslim women who chose Le’Jemalik Salon and Boutique in New York’s borough of Brooklyn on Friday to prepare for the Eid ul-Fitr holiday. The beauty salon, designed by owner Huda Quhshi to cater ...

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Yoga bad for your knees, Indian doctor warns

Yoga may be good for your karma, but is terrible for your knees, an Indian orthopaedic surgeon has warned. The Telegrapgh has published a report on this written by Dean Nelson from New Delhi. Dr Ashok Rajgopal says he has performed ...

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Being married may cut risk of death: study

Marriage may be good for your health, say, scientists, including one of Indian origin, who have found that tying the knot cuts the risk of death from high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.   “Some of our earlier studies have ...

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Beauty hacks for working women

Most working women are in a hurry or have less time to get ready which affects the make-up that needs to be done at the last minute. Dry shampoos and petroleum jelly are some of the products that can make ...

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7 beauty secrets you must know!

Secret 1 Drink water: Thinking it’s no secret? Well, forget about the eight glass rule. Make sure you drink just enough that you don’t feel thirsty. Says freelancer Prachi, “My skin gets all flaky and dry if I am not ...

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Cycling as an exercise

As a kid, all one ever wants is a cycle! Many even used it to go to the school and the pride of owning a cycle was clear for everyone to see. But things change with time and now most ...

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Deep sleep for beautiful body and mind

So much hustle and bustle all around the world. Work seems to be more and time seems to be too less. Your body and mind need relaxation through adequate sound sleep to function properly. Getting enough sleep may help you ...

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Aloe Vera – a miracle herb

Aloe Vera and its products are today popularly used worldwide and the consumption is rising. But, what is the reason behind its popularity?   A species of Aloe, Aloe Vera originated in the warm and dry climates of Northern Africa. ...

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A handbag? For $380k, it’s yours

A diamond-encrusted crocodile-skin Hermes handbag with white gold details has broken the record for the world’s most expensive ever sold at auction, fetching nearly $380,000 at a Hong Kong sale. The rare Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin 30 went to ...

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