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‘Local companies can and should makeup majority of our IT sector’

When our vision is sky-high, strategies should be most fitting as well to achieve the target. Dominance of local IT players is crucial for local market development, whereas multinational and transnational companies are dominating the Bangladeshi IT industry. Foreigners are ...

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Axiata buy’s Ncell in Nepal

Axiata Group Berhad (Axiata or Group), one of Asia’s leading telecommunications groups, marked its milestone entry into the Nepal telecommunications market through purchasing Ncell Private Limited (Ncell), the number one mobile operator in Nepal. With its expertise, proven track record ...

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Martha Fox to join Twitter board

Digital pioneer Martha Lane Fox has tweeted that she will be joining the board of US-based social network Twitter. Baroness Lane-Fox tweeted that it would be the ‘best job ever’. Twitter has suffered some poor financial results lately, with a ...

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US pushes Apple for access to iPhones

The US Department of Justice has said it will pursue its request for Apple to help unlock an iPhone that is part of a drugs case in New York. A letter filed to a local court said the government ‘continues ...

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SpaceX rocket launches inflatable room to the ISS

An inflatable habitat has launched into space, atop a private SpaceX rocket contracted by Nasa. The inflatable room will attach to the International Space Station (ISS) for a two-year test and become the first such habitat to hold humans in ...

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Google April Fool Gmail button sparks backlash

Google has removed an April Fool’s Gmail button, which sent a comical animation to recipients, after reports of people getting into trouble at work. The button appeared beside Gmail’s normal send button and allowed users to shut down an email ...

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Frog foam could deliver drug therapy

Foam made by miniature frogs to protect their eggs could offer a clever way to deliver healing drugs to burns patients, say scientists. Tough bubbles could trap and deliver medication while providing a protective barrier between the wound dressing and ...

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Mystery of Bermuda Triangle solved!

Recently the internet was surging with articles reporting that scientists have unraveled the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. It is the region in the Atlantic Ocean that’s fascinated paranormal enthusiasts for years, because it supposedly is the site of an ...

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UK pledges `zero carbon` climate laws

Climate laws will be tightened to cut carbon emissions effectively to zero, the UK government has said. Under current law, emissions must be cut by 80% by 2050 – but ministers have said this does not go far enough. Following ...

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iPhones can be used to spy on users, fears Apple

Apple could be forced to spy on people through their iPhone camera and microphone if it complies with a government request, one of its executives has claimed. If the company is required to unlock an iPhone 5c that was used ...

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