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SQC Trial: Strategy of obstruction, delay and offence

Throughout his trial process, Salauddin Quader Chowdhury (“the convict”) demonstrated the tendency to obstruct the course of justice using all and every means at his disposal as opposed to seriously defending the charges brought against him. From contradictory witnesses, to ...

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Paris attack is Europe’s security nightmare

The series of coordinated attacks on multiple civilian locations in Paris on Friday night has long been the stuff of nightmares for European security officials. Ever since the Mumbai attacks of 2008 — in which more than 175 people, including ...

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Rising foreign currency loans: Risks and mitigating strategies

Rising trend of foreign currency loans availed by private sector is a relatively new phenomenon in Bangladesh since access to international markets was liberalised only in 2008. Since then, foreign loans taken by the private sector have picked up significantly ...

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Do what it takes to bring our citizens home

Myanmar must rein in its rogue elements which are causing problems for us near the border, or Bangladesh will have to take whatever measures necessary to stop this abduction wave It is an outrage that a Myanmar separatist rebel group ...

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Why airport security at stake?

A group of miscreants in the afternoon of 10 August attacked the customs cargo complex of the Shahjalal International Airport and made off with the goods from there. A similar robbery took place there just three months ago. This is ...

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High prices, low life and Eid

The city is beset with burgeoning traffic, and over the last few years during this time of the year, Shantinagar, Maghbazar and Malibagh face horrendous water-logging. Then there is the battle for train and long-distance bus tickets, the despair of ...

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Justice Khairul’s verdict and Maya’s ministership

Whether a sentenced person can retain his office as minister and remain a member of parliament, is intrinsically dependent on the characteristic of the state. For a government that does not have an iota of belief in the rule of ...

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Yaba, and now cocaine!

All sorts of dangerous drugs are entering Bangladesh over the border, on the highways, through theseaports. In the latest development, a consignment of cocaine was caught at the Chittagong seaport. One incident after the other indicates that Bangladesh has become ...

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Mr. Muhith’s budget: Spending out of the rut

The Minister of Finance (MF) of the country, Mr. AMA Muhith, placed the 2015-16 Budget proposal before the Parliament on June 4, 2015. This was the seventh time he repeated the ritual without any interruption. No other MF has this ...

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The champion of poverty alleviation

Bangladesh’s evergreen citizen of the world, and champion of poverty alleviation and employment, is 75. He is our pride. The latter half of the last century was the golden age of opportunity for economic development based on capitalist ideology. There ...

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