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Test cricket,which has appeared to be dying more times than Grigori Rasputin,raised its head in Chittagong this weekend,blinked its bloodshot eyes and roared with life. Few honest people can say they expected Bangladesh and England to serve up a two-match, ...

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At the end of another topsy-turvy day in an ever-fluctuating series Bangladesh recorded their first Test win against England by the emphatic margin of 108 runs.It was a landmark victory for the home side, who had previously beaten only Zimbabwe ...

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Eel migration study tells ‘romantic tale’

Scientists are a step closer to solving the mystery of one of the great animal migrations. Each autumn, eels leave European rivers to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to breed for a single time, then die. Tagging studies show that ...

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Rayhan Ahmed Topader Special bowler Mustafizur now holds the world record of taking most wickets in the first two matches of an ODI career.Interestingly,before him,the most a subcontinent bowler had taken in his first two matches were seven.His quick arm action ...

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Islamism and Jihadism did not start in 9/11

By Piya Mayenin  Last week,  a young Briton, Mohammed Syeedy aged 21 , born in Rochdale and a former Manchester United steward was jailed for helping to kill (in an Islamic state inspired muder)  Jalal Uddin, a well respected Imam ...

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The Islamic New Year and the Significance of Muharram

By Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad LLB (Hons), PGCE, MA Use of the Lunar Calendar The Islamic Calendar is based on the Lunar Calendar consisting of 354-355 days annually and is 10-11 days shorter than the western Solar Calendar. The Lunar month ...

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Do you have a mental health first aid kit?

By Dr Momotaj Islam We all know to reach for a plaster or dressing if someone cuts themselves. Hence, we are all aware of ‘first aid’ in connection to physical health. The NHS advises us to keep a basic first aid ...

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Everybody loves jhal muri in London

When life gives you lemons, don`t make a lemonade. Make a cone of tangy jhal muri instead. This is what Angus Deenon, a London-based chef is doing at least. And the Britishers are loving it! Angus has been preparing and ...

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World Heart Day today

World Heart Day is observed on September 29 every year. A global initiative by the World Heart Federation this year is to make everyone understand the importance of a healthy heart and the ways to keep it powerful. Efforts are ...

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Most medical tests avoidable, finds study

It would seem prudent to rush for an annual health check-up in a country where every third adult has hypertension and heart attacks occur a decade earlier than they do in Westerners. But an assessment of 25 health packages offered ...

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