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Syria’s Slaughter Shames Us All: Aleppo is now synonym for hell – Ban Ki-moon

Dr. Mozammel Haque:: Syria ceasefire deal was reached on Thursday, the 29th of December 2016 after six-year devastating Syria’s war which destroyed the civilian infrastructure of Syria, displaced about half of the pre-war population of the country, 6.6 million internally, killed or ...

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A Call for the Review of the Proposed Citizenship Law of Bangladesh

By Najrul Khasru On 1st February 2016 the Cabinet of Bangladesh government approved its draft Citizenship Bill 2016, paving the way for it to go through the Parliamentary procedure at a suitable time. That procedure is yet to be initiated. ...

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If a devastating earthquake jolts Dhaka City

Rayhan Ahmed Topader Frequent tremors have resulted in grave concern among the general masses, especially those residing in Dhaka as they are believed to signal the possibility of a great earthquake. Experts believe that, big earthquakes follow the cyclic order. ...

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Physical-science and happiness

By Fatema Miah Endorphin: a substance in the brain that “attaches to the same cell receptors that morphine does”. Endorphins substances are released when severe injury occurs, often eliminating all sensation of pain. Works same ways for the emotional severe ...

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Draft Citizenship Bill 2016 – At least unenforceable and at most Dangerous

The draft Citizenship Act 2016 in Bangladesh has received final approval by the cabinet in February 2016.   It is not until recently that I have looked at the bill out of the uproar of Bangladeshi nationals and dual- nationals living ...

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Are you eating too much fish?

A new fish calculator allows you to determine if the amount of salmon you`re eating each week is actually safe. Experts have long considered seafood to be a healthy option due to its high levels of proteins, vitamins and omega-3 ...

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Eight secrets to stay happy

For thousands of years, philosophers have pondered what it is to live a good life but in recent decades psychologists and economists have used scientific methods to find out more about the secrets of human happiness. In his new book, ...

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Pets help people manage mental illness, study finds

Pets can provide those individuals suffering from various mental illnesses with unconditional support as well as help manage stigma, according to a new study. When people living with serious mental illness were asked what helped them manage their condition, many ...

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Weightless song reduces anxiety by 65 pc

Experiencing anxiety can be a daily struggle for some, but scientists believe music may be the perfect way to combat it. Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International performed a group study to see which songs would reduce stress when participants ...

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From a concerning sentence about Syria and its current status of what is happening with Syria now. My opinion I expressed that it is surely War crime committing from all direction and causing civilian suffering. Replies came as such: Someone ...

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