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Countrywide vitamin ‘A’ plus campaign underway

The national Vitamin ‘A’ plus campaign has begun across the country on Saturday.

Earlier on Thursday, Health Minister Zahid Maleque announced the fresh date of the campaign at a press briefing at the secretariat.

On January 17, the government postponed the Vitamin A plus campaign supposed to be held on January 19 citing “unavoidable reasons”.

The nationwide campaign aims to feed Vitamin A plus capsules to all children aged between six months to 59 months.

Around 2.25 crore children will be fed Vitamin A capsules today.

Among the total children, around 25 lakh aged between six to 11 months will be fed one blue colour Vitamin-A capsule each, while around 1.94 crore babies aged between 12 to 59 months would be fed red color capsules.

They will be fed the Vitamin A capsule at some 1, 20,000 permanent and 20 thousand mobile health centres across the country.

Mobile health centres will be set up at bus stands, railway stations, launch terminals, airports, ferry terminals, bridge toll centres and kheya ghats which will remain open from 8am to 4pm to make sure that all children are fed the capsules.

At least two trained volunteers are working at each centre.

The parents are requested to bring their children with full stomach to be fed the Vitamin-A capsule. Children should not be fed the capsule forcefully or while they are crying. Children aged below six months or more than five years or with any kind of sickness should not be fed the capsules.

The children of the remote areas under 240 unions in 42 upazilas of 12 districts will be fed the capsules in the next four days of the campaign day through conducting a search programme.

The rate of children’s night-blindness in the country has come down below one per cent following the distribution of Vitamin A-plus capsules regularly.

Feeding of Vitamin-A capsule not only keep the children safe from night-blindness, it also increases their immune system, keep their eyesight perfect, bring down the child mortality rate and ensure their natural growth among other benefits.

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