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Bangladeshi student won the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018

Sadid Bin Hasan from Bangladesh along with his team ‘SpaceTrove’ recently won the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018. He will be representing San Francisco and Mountain View (California) in the Global Round of NASA Space Challenge. SpaceTrove created an open world scavenger hunt game through virtual reality on Mars. They used NASA’s database to create the game prototype on real 3D images of Mars. This game allows players do feel like an astronaut on Mars while playing it with friends. Being built through Unity gaming platform this game uses 3D models from NASA to give people a real life experience.

Team SpaceTROVE’s challenge was to create Virtual Reality experiences which enable public relate with Moon and Mars. We created an Online Multiplayer game using Unity 3D game engine which allows players to play this from any device. Interactive Learning using actual 3D maps of Mars from NASA Database helps making learning more Fun for players.

In this Open World game, players are prompted to invest on certain locations on Mars using ERC-721 tokens. They make this investment to secure a place for their survival for a time when Earth becomes uninhabitable. They use these trove tokens for improving their rovers, investing and exchanging with other players. This barter-like exchange helps them receive a unique experience of civilization development.

Throughout every location on Mars in the game, there are visuals which tell the player about actual data of that location. For example- Gale Crater on Mars has found evidence of water and an ancient fresh lake water body. This information prompts the player to invest his Trove tokens on Gale Crater because s/he could survive with this usable water on Mars.

Earth and Spacetrove’s future depends on you. So SpaceTrove team requests to visit their website and Github project site and support them to their journey as they can try to give people the ability to relate with with space and dream about Intergalactic travel.

We can all relate with Wall E and Star Trek, but it is time that people learn to relate with the feeling of being an astronaut on Mars, on any day from their homes!

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