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Over 200 disabled persons at one village in Sylhet

Over 200 disabled persons at one village in Sylhet

Sylhet Office : Over 200 physically challenged persons, especially children, have been traced at Amtoil village in Sylhet district’s Biswanath upazila.

During the spot visit, it has been observed that people are suffering from different types of diseases largely due to unhealthy habits and poor lifestyle.

Amtoil is a densely populated village where most of the inhabitants remained underprivileged. More than 25,000 people stay at the locality and due to the unhealthy environment, people develop different kinds of diseases, causing disability.

Children with disabilities have been spotted at almost every house in the village. Most of them are physically challenged while several others are also suffering from mental health issues.

The densely populated locality has no hygienic sanitation facilities and moreover, most of the residents are unwary. They don’t believe in modern healthcare facilities. Rather, they believe in black magic and wear amulets (taweez) in order to get rid of the diseases.

Especially, pregnant mothers are worst victims of such belief. They are not getting proper medical supplies and essential facilities during and after pregnancy and delivery. They are giving birth to children with disabilities as they are giving birth to children without the help of a skilled and trained midwife.

Health workers have estimated that the number of physically and mentally challenged people would cross 1000-mark in the next 10 years.

Contacted, Rampasha UP member Abul Khayer said: “Some 150 disabled children have been counted in the village while 50-60 grown-up persons are also suffering from permanent disabilities. Of them, only 50 people are getting financial support from government projects.”

Upazila Health and Family Welfare Officer Dr Abdur Rahman said: “Most of the women are giving birth to babies with physical and mental disabilities as they are not taking modern treatment facilities during and after delivery. This crisis can be addressed if we can raise awareness among the locals.”

Upazila Social Welfare Officer Abdul Al Zubair said: “I have heard about the situation soon after joining my office here. I will recommend better health facilities for all disabled people once I complete my field visit.”

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