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Most individuals don’t care if partners have disability: Survey

Most individuals don’t care if partners have disability: Survey


Inclov, a matchmaking platform for people with disabilities, conducted a survey among 30,000 people with disabilities and health disorders across 300 cities in India. The participating age group ranged from 18 to 30 years. 

The survey found that a majority of 61 per cent of the audience is okay with their partner with or without a disability.


It was also highlighted that a majority of the audience, at 61 per cent, are in the age group of 20-30 years followed by 18.1 per cent in the 30-40 age group, showcasing that while the majority of people with disability as an audience set here is millennial, people across age-groups are looking for companionship.


Popular prejudices suggest that people with disabilities are perceived or suggested at living isolated lives, with marriage not on their radar. The data suggests otherwise with a majority of the audience at 78 per cent being single and actively looking for a partner through marriage and dating. 

Marriage is indeed a priority for this demographic, with 50 per cent of the community looking actively for marriage followed by 15 per cent looking for friendship and 13.5 per cent looking for dating.


When it comes to lifestyle and socio-economic background, 61.5 per cent still live with their families, while 28.1 per cent live alone.


Shankar Srinivasan, Co-Founder at Inclov, said: “Our core vision as a community has been to create an inclusive platform for people with disabilities to help find companionship amidst positive experiences. Through this survey, we wanted to understand them a bit deeper and help burst some popular myths and prejudices plaguing them.


“We plan to make this a regular endeavour and the track changes and progress so as to serve the community better.”


Source: IANS

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