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M A Mannan is transforming the face of Jagannathpur and South Sunamganj

Mirror Desk : Since the independence there has been many elected parliamentarian in Sunamganj-3, however, none has accomplished so much development works as the current MP and State Minister for Finance and Planning M A Mannan.  This two Upozills have been dramatically changed since the election of current MP.  After the current Government was elected for the second term, NRB populated Jagannathpur and South  Sunamganj has seen lots of development works.  No one has ever seen before. this much of development works.  Lots of developments works have been done for school, colleges and Madrasas, the number of hospital beds has been increased, there are two new Fire Service Stations in the constituency, lots of new bridge,s culverts, cyclone centres have established in many areas, many new school buildings have been constructed – these are some few examples of development works  that Jagannathpur and Sunamganj is witnessing since the election of  current MP M A Mannan.

Other works included building the administrative building of the recently declared South Sunamganj Upozilla, building a new bridge on Kushiara river costing 150 crore Taka, continuous development work of Medical and Textile Institute in the area, construction of Pagla-Jagannathpur-Raniganj-Aushkandi spending 99 Crore taka and all of these works are being executed as a direct intervene of the current MP M A  Mannan.

Vice-president of South Sumanganj, Tohur Ali said, since the Awami League Government came to power, Jagannathpur and Sunamganj have witnessed unimaginable scale of development works and these all have been possible for the Finance and Planning Minister M A Mannan’s effort.  Political Secretary of M A Mannan, Hasanat Hossain said that since the election of M A Mannan, there have been lots of development work in this area and this has brighten up the impression of current government in this area.

The residents of Jagannathpur and Sunamgaj also confirmed this.  They emphasised that all the roads in this area are solid roads now, there is no dirt roads in this area anymore.

While visiting the area all these development works were witnessed.  Because of the tireless efforts of M A Mannan, Sunamganl Science and Technology University has been approved in ACNEC and Sunamganj Medical College and Hospital has been approved.  Work is now continuing for the bridge in River Kalni in Noakhali in South Sunamganj, 50 Crore Taka have been allocated for the drainage in Jagannathpur, Dabor-Aushkandi Highway is being reconstructed, work for South Sunamganj Health Complex is about to start and Sunamganj Municipality College’s building works are nearly finished. A model police station has been also built in South Sunamganj,  work for South Sunamganj Fire Station has been completed, construction of South Sunamganj Rassel Mini Stadium has finished, an Upozilla Freedom Fighters complex has been built,  a permanent press club building is being built in South Sunamganj – Both Upozillas, Sunamganj and Jagannathpur has been transformed by the unprecedented development works done by the current MP M A Mannan.  He has also contributed in building the bridge on Surma  river and its only M A Mannan’s sole effort that the bridge on Kushiara river on Raniganj has been built.

When talking to State Minister for Finance and Planning M A Mannan about the development works in this two Upozillas, he mentioned that a  number of mega projects have been started in Sunamganj district including Jagannathpur and Sounth Sunamganj.  These will be finished in few years and once done, the residents of Sunamganj will be benefitted tremendously from this.  These projects include building Sunamganj University, Building Medical College, building nine bridges on Pagla-Jagannathpur regional highway and construction of Raniganj bridge spending 150 crore taka.

President of Upozilla Awami League and for UP Chairman Akmol Hossain said that the development work done by M A Mannan is exceptional. He also emphasised that if the people of this area can re-elect him again, they will be benefitted hugely.

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