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Dam in Sunamganj’s Tanguar haor repaired

File Photo: Water flow through destroyed part of Nautana embankment on Tanguar Haor on Friday; April 27, 2018

Sunamganj Correspondent : 1,000 hectares of boro crops of 1,500 farmers were saved due to repairing the dam in time

Local people and administration officials repaired the Nautana crop protection dam on Saturday morning.

The damages of the dam were repaired with canes, sacks, jute mats and soils.

From Friday afternoon, Tahirpur Upazila Parishad chairman and upazila officials, along with hundreds of farmers and workers, started working to prevent water from entering the cultivable lands.

In this regard a man named Khasrul Alam filed a case with the police, mentioning names of six and another 90 unnamed fishermen.

Police have arrested Anwar Hossain, son of Tofazaal Hossain, in connection with the incident.

According to the agriculture office sources, around 1,000 hectares of boro crops of 1,500 farmers were saved due to repairing the dam in time.

Upazila Parishad Chairman Kamruzzamal Kamrul said: “Due to the immense effort of the local people and upazila officials, the dam was repaired in time.”

UNO of Tahirpur Purnendu Dev said: “The water that got into the lands due to the breaking of the dam is stuck in the water bodies of Tanguar haor.

He said: “So far no cultivable crop lands have been affected.”

Upazila administration has ordered concerned authorities to increase patrolling the dam area.

OC of Tahirpur Police Station Nandan Kanti Dhar said: “All police personnel are working by the order of the Superintendent of Police Barkatullah Khan, to keep the crops safe from the water that broke inside.”

The police are on high alert to prevent such incident from occurring in the future.

Earlier on Thursday morning, a group of fishermen without telling anyone broke the dam to catch fish in the Sreepur North Union of Nautana area of Golabari village.

As a result, crop fields of the haors Eraliakona, Ganiakuri, Lamarongul, Tanerongul, Nandiya, Majerongul, Tungamara, Shunadubi, Galgalia and Shamshagar were in great danger.


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