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UK BNP accused of communalism

Ansar Ahmed Ullah : In an urgent press conference called on 23 April at the Café Grill, Brick Lane by Secular Bangladesh Movement UK (SBM) & Campaign for Protection of Religious minorities in Bangladesh (CPRMB) accused the UK BNP of inciting sectarian violence.
The representatives of SBM & CPRMB said BNP Jamaat activists used the slogan “Hare Krishna, Hare Ram, Sheikh Hasinar Baper Nam”, during a recent protest against Sheikh Hasina which incites communal violence and religious intolerances. In a written statement President of SBLA Ajit Saha said during the Citizen Reception of Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh on 21st April, in a Westminster venue, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) in the streets opposite were protesting as part of their political programme. A video of the UK BNP protest has come to our notice where it is seen that under the leadership of UK BNP President Abdul Malek, religiously malicious communal slogans were shouted in the name of the Prime Minister and Bangabandhu with the name of Goddess of minority Hindus. The Islamists led by right wing BNP and far-right Jamaat-e-Islami were shouting slogans intended to incite religious hatred against the followers of the Hindu faith. The protestors used cymbals and drums to mimic followers of the Hindu faith and used the names of their deities in a derogatory manner. They also hurt the feelings of the Hindu community by proclaiming Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as a Hindu deity.

The statement stated the main goal of our great Liberation War was equal rights and coexistence of the people of all religion but such communal slogan of a major political party of Bangladesh is terrible and is a threat to communal harmony between Bengalis living in UK. Use of religion is utterly unacceptable and condemnable. The statement in its conclusion demanded that BNP president Abdul Malek immediately apologises publicly for their hateful communal slogans. Otherwise the minority communities will be forced to take legal action against communal hatred slogans.

Mrs Pushpita Gupta of Secular Bangladesh Movement (UK) said, “BNP should be held responsible under the provision of religious hate crimes act for this attack on the Hindu community’s religious sentiment. We have video footage of the incident where the perpetrators can easily be identified. We demand that the police investigate the incident urgently and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

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