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No act of political vengeance if JP returns to power: Ershad  

Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad on Saturday promised that political leaders will not be put in jail out of political vengeance if his party returns to power through the next general election.

“No one, even people in rural areas, is in peace. People want peace, not killing, rape, enforced disappearance and other unjust any more. That’s why it’s necessary to bring Jatiya Party back to power,” he said.

Speaking at a meeting of his party at Bogra Parjatan Motel, Ershad further said, “All, including BNP and Awami League (leaders), will remain safe if my party returns to power as we won’t send any one to jail.”

Representatives from Jatiya Party’s Rajshahi and Rangpur division units joined the meeting.

Ershad, also a former military dictator, said his party will also hang any one if it is voted to power. “And there’ll be no forced disappearance, killing, terrorism and extortion,” he said.

Criticising the government for what he said its assertion that the country is now on the highway of development, he said the highway of development is now full of potholes.

Ershad said it used to take six hours to go to Rangpur from Dhaka by road in the past, but now it takes 12 hours. “The same condition is prevailing everywhere.”

Mentioning that people’s lives have become valueless as the incidents of killing and enforced disappearance are happening every day, he said the situation will improve if Jatiya Party returns to power. “I want to see Jatiya Party in power before my death.”

The Jatiya Party chairman said his party has the strength to return to power independently without making alliance with any party.

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