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I will raise Joy alone: Apu

Actress Apu Biswas had enjoyed quite some popularity in the industry. She and Shakib Khan made a good pair on the screen while they fell in love in real life, got married on the sly and then parted ways acrimoniously in February. Is she shocked to see things fall apart? As she talks with Prothom Alo, she sheds light on these issues as well as on her future plans.

Have you accepted the divorce?
I do not see any reason to cling to it. I did my best to save the marriage but failed. One cannot save a family alone, it’s a mutual act.

Would you take the legal steps further?
Let’s see what happens. I don’t want to think about it anymore. I am fed up. If it requires, I will have to take steps. I cannot say anything in advance. I will decide everything after consulting with the lawyer.

Shakib told a newspaper that everything would be alright, if you had only said ‘sorry’.
This is rubbish. I remained quiet for eight years. I made it up quite beautifully. I went through a tough time during my pregnancy, in the last four months I couldn’t sleep well and couldn’t walk properly. The whole period was so painful. On top of that, I kept my family life and professional life separated. After all these, if he says only a ‘sorry’ could have saved it, that’s really funny. Shakib lied about Denmohor (alimony) as well. He said it was Tk 700,001.

What is the actual amount?
It’s Tk 10.7 million. The marriage registration paper is with Shakib. If I had the document, I could show you. Actually, I didn’t realise that I would ever have to face such a situation later. I saw with my own eyes that the document read Tk 10,700,001.

You are supposed to get the money when the divorce gets effective. Did you have any words with anyone from his side to this end?
No, I did not speak to anyone on this. I do not want a single penny to be honest. No need to fight over this. I am happy getting the love of my fans. My child (Abram Khan Joy) is the most adorable thing to me. Shakib won’t even have to pay for his maintenance.

But, the father is responsible for his child’s maintenance according to the law.
Still I will not take any money from him. You cannot become a father only by spending money. I want to raise my kid with my own earnings. Very soon I will make a decision regarding this and inform Shakib through the lawyer.

According to the rules you have to let Joy stay with his father sometimes.
No way. I don’t find Shakib safe for my child. He left me because of the baby, saying that I had to abort the child to save the marriage.

At the beginning I thought Shakib was not serious about the abortion.  But he never wanted the baby. As a mother I could not abort my child though.

I will raise Joy alone. When he grows up, he can meet his father if he wants to.

What’s your plan now?
My child and my work are my only priorities now. I will focus on my work and live my life with Joy.

When will you start acting again?
I had put some weight due to the pregnancy. I have already lost some and I hope to lose some more soon. I hope to be ready in a couple of month.

How many films you have signed for?
I have signed for three films so far — ‘Oparey Chandrabati’, ‘Kanagali’ and ‘Shashurbari Zindabaad-2’. I will start shooting for ‘Kanagali’ by the end of the next month.

You have worked for some TV and stage shows, right?
Yes. I have been appointed a goodwill ambassador for three companies. Besides, I did some TV and stage shows


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