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GSC holds election with heavy contest and much hype.

The election of delegate-voters of the Greater Sylhet Development and Welfare Council was held on 25th of February 2018,with heavy contest and much enthusiasm. The Sylhet Development and Welfare Council came into being to emancipate the rights and fulfil demands of Bangladeshi people living in the UK shunning their differences in the year 1993.

The membership of The GSC increased day by day and came to nearly 15 thousand after its formation. The candidates had to face tough contest in the election during hay-days of the organisation. During the last decade number of membership of the GSC  gradually decreased and in 2013 it reached to the lowest to two thousand (2thousand). Some GSC committees were formed without elections and that made the members disillusioned. The number of membership was increased during the tenure of the previous committee.

The contest was held between two panels in the election of the GSC after nearly a decade with great enthusiasm.

Rose Symbol was set for Ata-Khsru-Saleh and Mahboob-Mokis-Rana was given Chair Symbol to contest in the election. In total 430 delegates of GSC 12-region of the UK of them 377 cast votes in the election.

Ata-Khsru-Saleh of Rose Symbol won the election and Barrister Ataur Rahman became Chairperson, Khsru Khan General Secretary and Saleh Ahmed Treasurer, they polled 192, 187,196 respectively.

Their nearest contestants Nururl Islam got 177 votes as a Chairman, Mokis Ahmed received 182 as a General Secretary and Habiur Rahman got 171 as a Treasurer.

Election was also held for 32-Member National Executive Committee. Ata –Khasru-Saleh Panel won 29 members in the National Executive Committee election.

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