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North Korean threat threatens US air base

North Korea thinks of launching a missile attack in the Pacific Pacific Guam region. North Korea has threatened to threaten President Donald Trump within a few hours of threatening the United States as a threat to nuclear attacks. News Bibiri.

The North Korean state news agency has said Pyongyang is planning to launch a medium-range, far-reaching rocket, known strategically as a key infrastructure for the United States.

The US Air Force has a base in Guam. After this statement, there has been a fresh tension between the two countries.

Earlier, on a news published in the Washington Post, US intelligence officials have cited US officials as saying that North Korea has already been able to create miniature warheads that would be able to put it inside a ballistic missile.

If Washington Post’s report is correct, then North Korea has actually developed nuclear weapons and it is believed that they can hit the United States at a faster pace than the notion.

President Trump warned North Korea on the basis of the report published in the media Meanwhile, just two days before the UN sanctioned a new ban on North Korea.
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