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Busy sitik in the eviction, occupying hawkers

Busy hikers, while operating on evacuation campaigns on one hand, to take away the footpaths of the potholes, busy the buses while continuing the business process keeping the sidewalks occupied by them. In the city, it is a game of battle for the occupation of hawkers with City Corporation.

It has been found that after the Eid-ul-Fitr, the city corporation has been desperate for the hawk-free operation of the city in the principle of zero tolerance to free the sidewalks. Sisak Mayor Ariful Haque will be present at the self-body evacuation drive of the hawkers operating in the city after occupying one of the busiest roads and footpaths after the city.

Taking into consideration all obstacles, he has conducted a series of evacuation drives to free the sidewalks of several roads. These people see relief pressure in the face, but their stability is not that much for long. The public can breathe this comfort just a few days after the operation.

Because, after a few days of operating the operation, the sidewalks got back to its previous look. After a few days of the operation, sidewalks and hawkers continued to pursue that trend. In the same way, after the Eid-ul-Fitr, the city corporation has taken such tough steps to evict the hawkers, in the same way, the city hawks in the field demanded to do business in the hawkers by obstructing the eviction drive to stop the business from doing footpaths due to repeated evictions, And the general public’s view that hawkers are not getting sidewalks and hawkers in the face of this excuse or obstruction.

When asked about the issues related to the footpath to some of the pedestrians from the port city of Zindabad, they blamed the city corporation and said that if the city corporation really took a tough position in the footprint, then all the roads in the city would have been freed from hawk. Do not see the same image again and again. When talking to some hawkers holding pavements in Bandar, Zindabazar and Chauhatta for their opinion, most of their opinion was in singing safaya on their behalf.

According to them, we are not doing business by grabbing new footpaths. If you were evicted then why are you allowed to sit in the beginning? They said, if they have found solution to eviction, then it is necessary to think before solution to provide the daily food for the hawkers after eviction.

It is certainly not good to be able to get the benefit of anybody in such a hurry family. Asked about this, City Corporation Chief Executive Enamul Habib said, there is no way to discount the evacuation in the moment. Their rehabilitation has been demanded. That’s our plan. Work is going on. But the eviction drive will continue.

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