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Advocates of building Babri Mosque in Muslim areas

Shi’a Central Waqf Board has suggested to build the Babri Masjid in the Muslim-dominated area of ​​Uttar Pradesh, India. It is said by the Board on the Supreme Court’s hearing on Tuesday that the Board of Directors of the Supreme Court.
On behalf of the Waqf Board, it is claimed that if the Babri Mosque and Ram temples remain in the same place, the riots may start in the future. For this reason, Ram Mandir was in the earlier place, but in some places Muslim-majority areas were recommended to build Babri Mosque.
Waqf boards claim that the area of ​​the mosque is under their coverage. They have the jurisdiction to discuss the mosque with legal rights.
Now, their decision, will resolve the dispute between Ram temple and Babri Masjid. But by removing Babri Masjid.
Babri mosque was demolished in 1992. The Allahabad High Court’s Lucknow bench of Babri Masjid was divided into three parts in the Masjid breaking case in 2010. Sunny waqf board gets one share in it.
But the Shia Central Waqf Board has claimed that the land is also their own. They gave this kind of ‘suggestion’ on the demand.

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