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AL leaders do not have the power to sleep in dream: Khandker Abdul Muktadir

The ongoing activities of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) will not be hampered by the prosecution case. Nationalist Party BNP today is well-organized to fulfill the dream of martyr President Ziaur Rahman. Renewing and collecting activities under the leadership of Begum Khaleda Zia are going on throughout the country. The AL leaders have been arrested and tortured by attacking their forces for obstructing the ongoing activities in many places. They were criticized by these activities, and the AL government has become a part of the BNP.

No ward BNP organizing secretary Mofizur Rahman Jubed and ward no. As a special guest speech was, mahagara party chairman Nasim Hossain, BNP general secretary Ali Ahmed, BNP acting secretary general imadada Hossain Chowdhury, secretary Morshed Ahmed Mukul, Sylhet BNP law affairs secretary and panel mayor Advocate Roksana Begum Shahnaz, the former Metropolitan BNP vice president and current adviser Mokbul Hossain, business affairs secretary , senior BNP leaders and elders of the land Mia, Mia ichakha, Babul Mia, Mirza Ali Haider, akhalucha Mia, BNP H-local secretary Saleem Rana, Secretary training edakhaleda Zubair, Ward 5 motahira party chairman Haji Ali butter, general secretary Haji Mohammad jubela Ahmed, secretary Syed Faiz Ahmad sipu,Chand, former publicity secretary of Sylhet Metropolitan Chhatra Dal Abdul Hashib, Metropolitan BNP’s Labor Affairs Secretary Yunus M Barua, 6 Ward Labor Party General Secretary Jamir Ali, 6 Ward BNP vice-president Bablu Hussain heart, Rezaul Islam Reza, vice-secretary Shahin Ahmed, Finance Secretary Enam Ahmed, Sylhet Metropolitan Dal former library secretary Azhar Anik, the former Habibur Rahman Habib, a senior member, Mushtaq Ahmed, the convener of JCD Ward 6 Abir Ahmad, senior Joint convenor bakta sipu Fahim, Nov. metropolitan student It atikura Farhad, a former city student members and 6 No. oyarda JCD joint convenor Mehdi Hassan arrange, 6 ward BNP Finance Secretary Kawsar Ahmed Pappu, Masud, Discounts, Shakir, Shakeel, sabaddina, Saddam Mostakim, Lablu, Tipu, Raihan, Swapan, Taju, Sujan two, manna, Munna, chamada, Jewel, Swapan, Rafiq Ahmed, Raju Ahmed, pabela Ahmed, Zakir Hossain, Sohag Ahmed, Russel Ahmed, Shamsuzzaman, Mehdi Hasan N, Abdullah Al Mamun, Sayem Ahmad Suni, Sanwar Ahmed, Helal, Fayasal Ranju, Kabir, Sabuj, etc.

Note that under the leadership of Solaiman Chowdhury, some leaders of the Awami League joined the BNP and became members of the Awami League. Press release.

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