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Anushka Sharma says no to parties

Like any other teenybopper, Indian actress Anushka Sharma loved attending parties during her adolescent days. But today, she isn’t a party bug. In fact, she reveals she is a homebody.

“I love to have a close gathering with a few friends at home. I love having a delicious spread with a lot more conversations. I like a chilled-out space, unlike a loud music party, which I liked to attend as a teenager,” she laughs.

On hindsight, the actress says that she probably liked attending parties because her parents banned her from going for them.

She says, “As an adolescent, I would love loud music and attending parties. But I guess it has also got to do with the fact that my parents didn’t allow us to attend parties, and hence I wanted to attend it.”

She adds that loud music doesn’t impress her any more. “When I attended a party with my parent’s permission, I enjoyed it a lot. But now that I have the freedom to attend parties, I don’t find it interesting.”


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