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Fundraising appeal for East London Mosque

East London Mosque committee organised a press conference on 6th of June in London Muslim Centre Seminar Hall explain the local journalists on its costs and how it will raise fund to meet these expenses.

Before the main press conference Mosque’s Secretary Ayub Khan, expressed his condolences and grief for the innocent lives lost. He added: “Those evil terrorists who target even children will never succeed. We will continue to stand firmly against them, to work to counteract their twisted narrative and their perversion of the religion of Islam… I have a clear message to those who perpetrate terrorism: you are against the very core teachings of Islam and of our beloved Prophet; your misguidance will lead you to destruction, and God-willing you will utterly fail in your evil aims. We stand apart from you and your corruption of the religion of Islam. Terrorism has no faith.”

Mosque’s Secretary Ayub Khan read out the written statement which said that running and sustaining a large mosque is a difficult and strenuous task. Public donations are very important; they ensure the mosque meets its operational costs and can be properly maintained, so that it can continue to deliver much-needed services to the community. We need your support for these projects and services for the community, and to help promote the beautiful, peaceful message of Islam. The generous donations given by people such as yourself have been crucial to our success, by the blessings of Allah.

He also said that like other years, Imam’s from several foreign countries are taking part in this year’s Tarabi. This year’s Imams included Shaikh Saud Nafi Al Anaj from Saudi Arabia, Hafeez Ahmed Najab from Egypt, Qari Jamal Mohammod, Mohammod Sakir  and East London Mosque’s regular Imam Hafeez Abu Taiyeb.

The mosque has also organised Iftar for this year. Around six hundred people break their fast with Iftari at ground floor of London Muslim Centre.  Local business organisations are sponsoring this Iftari this time.  One can sponsor by donating £2 for single Iftari or £1200 for a whole day.

There will be arrangements for Ihteqaf for 100 people for last 10 days of Ramadan. This year there was lots of applications. The seats will be distributed by lottery for this year’s Ihteqaf.

The press release also read that the mosque spends lots of money for the running of East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre. The mosque is still in 3.3 million pound Karje Hasana debt for construction of Mariam Centre and purchasing the synagogue.

There will be a charity run again on 17th September in Victoria park followed by East London Football tournament.

The mosque will raise fund again in this year’s Ramadan. On 10th of June there will be live fundraising on Chanel S from 3pm to next day Fajar prayer.

The mosque has also taken few initiatives to raise fund this year. Which are mosques’s running expenses, Waqf of legacy donation and life Karje Hasana.

Focusing on these expenses the press release read that the mosque will urge the donation on reguar expenses such as water, gas, electricity, cleaning, maintenance and security. As an example there are £75 expense for water, gas £100, Electricity £300, maintenances £375, Security 275 and cleaning £700. One can donate any one sector for a day or one can donate £1.825 as one day’s total running expenses.

On life-long Karje Hasana, the press release read that the mosque will introduce life-long karje Hasana, which will mean that one person can deposit 4 to 5 thousand pounds to mosque for his funeral expenses which can be used for his funeral after his death or pay back the money to his family.

On Waqf of legacy donation, the press release that to donate a property to mosque is called Waqf in Arabic.  This is widely popular in Bangladesh.  The mosque is going to introduce in the UK.  Under this system, one can donate his of her property to mosque.  Mosque won’t be able to sell it, but will be able to use the rental money or any earnings for using day to day running cost of the mosque.

Among other who were present at the press conference included Shaykh Abdul Qayum the Chief Imam and Khateeb of the East London Mosque, Habibur Rahman is the current Chairman of the ELMT, Dilowar Hussain Khan is the Executive Director of the East London Mosque Trust,   Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari MBE is an educationalist, Mohammed Abdul Malik currently serves as Treasurer for the Trust, and others.

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