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No act will be enacted to harm expat community

Ansar Ahmed Ullah :: The honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will not enact any law against the interest of expat Bangladeshis said Anisul Huq MP, Hon Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs. He said the proposed draft citizenship act will not harm the expat community. The Prime Minister has suffered and struggled herself. She has dedicated herself for the welfare of the general population. In 1972 when Bangabandhu was released by the Pakistanis, he first came to London’s expat Bengalis. Therefore, no law will be enacted to harm expats. The Minister reminded that in 2005 BNP Jamaat govt drafted the act without any consultation. Instead, we are consulting with all before finalising the law.


The Minister was speaking at a meeting with expat community representatives to exchange views on the proposed Citizenship Act 2015 held on 14 May at the Bangladesh High Commission premises in South West London. The meeting was facilitated by the High Commission as they had received a number of memorandums from several expat community organisations expressing their concerns on some aspects of the proposed act.


The Law Minister further said, dual citizenship act will not hamper the interest of expat communities. This act will provide full rights to Bangladeshi citizens as well as non-resident Bangladeshis.


The Hon State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, Md Shahriar Alam said some politicians are incorrectly presenting the law for their own political interest. We will present this act to parliament following consultations with highest levels of government.

Dr Dipu Mini, member of foreign affairs parliamentary committee said the issue of expat voter ID is the remit of the election commission.


Moreover, High Commissioner for Bangladesh, Md Nazmul Quaunine who chaired the meeting said the act is being misinterpreted. We called this meeting to clear any misunderstandings. Addressing the representatives he said, we have already taken up your concerns with the Bangladesh government. As a result, the Ministers are here to answer your concerns.

The meeting was attended by members of community organisations, pressure groups, campaigning groups, politicians, lawyers and the Bengali press & media.



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