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Rushanara, Tulip and Rupa are competing again

There British MPs of Bangladeshi origins, Rushanara Ali, Tulip Siddiq and Rupa Haque will be competing again in the 8th June general election.  They will compete for their current seats that they are holding at present.  After creating history be being elected in 2010, Rushanara Ali was elected again in 2015 along  with two new MPs of Bangladeshi  origins, Tulip Siddiq and Rupa Haque on 2015 general election.  All of them were elected from Labour Party.

On the other hand, media personality  Ajmal Masroor   is standing again from Bethnal Green and Bow constituency where Rushanara Ali is standing from. He declared his candidacy through Facebook and other social media.  The local community of Bethnal Green And Bow have had a mix reaction on Masroor’s candidature news.

Among the three candidates of Bangladeshi origin, Rushanara Ali is now in the best position.  She won her first election in 2010 by receiving 24,317 votes.  In 2015, she won with the majority of 11,574 votes.  Local community is expecting that she will be elected again with a huge margin from Bethnal Green and Bow.

On a recent election campaign, she welcomed the election and urged everyone eligible to register to vote on June 8 and to be a part of democracy.

She is campaigning for fair funding for schools which are being hit by planned government funding restructure, for free lunches for every primary school pupil which already exists in Tower Hamlets and for the national living wage, which was first launched in the East End 10 years ago, to be set at £10 an hour by 2020.

Rushanara Ali, who voted to remain in the EU and against triggering Article 50, says she wants to protect local services, jobs and businesses during Brexit

On the other hand, Tulip Siddiq, who was elected in 2015, has maintained a high profile in her two years as an MP and before that as a candidate and a councillor. She has been credited within the party as being a more visible presence on the ground than Glenda Jackson had been in her final years before retiring as an MP and returning to acting work. The Sunday Times once tipped Ms Siddiq as a future leader of the party herself and, more or less, she has been able to impress those members who are supportive of leader Jeremy Corbyn and also those who feel Labour will only advance with a different leadership.

She had been one of the MPs who nominated Mr Corbyn in the first place, even though she went on to vote for Andy Burnham. She said she was helping to broaden the debate and has since repeatedly said she has had no regrets about helping Mr Corbyn onto the ballot paper.

In Ealing Central and Acton seat, which is one of the most marginal seats in the UK, an Ealing councillor Joy Morrissey will be competing against Rupa Huq where she will be defending her 274 vote majority.

The good news for Rupa is The Green Party won’t be fielding a candidate in the key seat of Ealing Central and Acton in a bid to help Labour candidate Rupa Huq.

The announcement was made recently after the local party meeting.

In the last election Tom Sharman of Green won 1,841 votes for the Greens.

The Liberal Democrats announced that Jon Ball will be their candidate in Ealing Central and Acton.


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