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Ajmal Masroor to stand again from Bethnal Green and Bow

The election campaign of independent candidate Ajmal Masroor, who is contesting from Bethnal Geen and Bow, has officially started.  On his campaign launching meeting, community leaders, who attended the meeting committed to work tirelessly to elect him.

The launching meeting of his election candidacy took place on 27th April at Water Lily Banqueting Hall in East London which was presented by Barrister Omar Faruque.

The speakers who expressed their unreserved support for Ajmal Masroor included community leader Hasanat Hossain MBE, former President of Greater Sylhet Council Barrister Ataur Rahman, Leader of Tower Hamlets People’s Alliance Cllr Rabina Khan, Community leader Sirajul Haque Siraj, Cllr Abul Asad, Chairman of fSt Peter’s  Bengali Association Alhaj Atique Miah, community leader Md Shamsul Haque, Mohammod Latif, Jenny Bodhewell, Thomas Remus, Anny West and Miss Joujy.

The speakers said that the community of Tower Hamlets need such an elected representative who wills truly represent the Tower Hamlets.  They accused Rushanara Ali as being detached from the community and representing the Labour Party rather than the community. The speaker also emphasised that the people of Bethnal Green and Bow are unimportant to Rushanara Ali MP as she is busier with her party and its command.

Hasanat Hossain MBE said that the community needs a candidate like Ajmal Masroor. He bravely came forward and submitted his candidacy for the welfare of the community.

Barrister Ataur Rahman said that Ajmal Masroor  is the overall most competent candidate from Bethnal Green and Bow.  If he is asked to represent the UK in United Nations, he will bravely do that.  He reiterated his commitment to work tirelessly to elect Ajaml Masroor .

Cllr Rabina Khan said that Tower Hamlets is one community and one family. We have the right candidate in right time.  The current Labour MP has failed to represent the community.  Ajaml Masrur is such a candidate who is in politics for the welfare people.

On his speech Ajmal Masroor said that the MPs should not only debate in Westminster. As well as debating in the parliament, an MP’s vital responsibility is to ensure the welfare of the people of his constituency.  He expressed his commitment to be in easy reach of the people of Bethnal Green and Bow should he be elected.

He drew attention on currently published Ofstead report and said that he will bring the entire Children’s Services officers responsible for their work and do everything to fix the problem.

Ajmal Masroor, a nationally renowned presenter and commentator, competed in 2010 general election from Bethanl Green and Bow form Liberal Democrat and received second highest vote.   


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