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Primary Eduation Face acute problem in Osmaninagor, Balaganj

Primary Education face acute problem in Osmaninogor due to teacher shortage, infrastructure problem etc. There is no initiative to solve the problem in Osmaninagor and Balaganj. Local civil society and educations are frustrated. They think if light of education will not reach to new generation they will deprive from education. Due to deteriorate the education frustration prevails in the area. No progress are visible for lack of education. Primary education is the base of education. If base is strong it give positive result in future. But here  students stumble at primary level. Many school facing crisis of teacher in some case no of teacher are 7/8, they receive salary, show their attendance but cane to school only 2/4 days  is a month Local UWO or TEO cannot take action. In some case school are opened at 10 AM by  a person but teacher is absent.

In some school classes are not held properly. The school end before schedule time. Many students of class 5 cannot write there name address and school name properly. They don’t have any idea about English or Geometry. Local MP Upazial chairman, up members in election campaign said education is their first preference. But after election they have no duty. They taught this children in town. For political reason. TEO is unable to take action. Last year an education officer was assaulted during school inspection. For political reason no action taken.

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