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Misery of haor area peoples Duck, fish dying in the affected areas

Farmers in the haor areas including Sylhet and Sunamgonj are facing a tough time as most crops have been destroyed by flash flood triggered by incessant rain and onrush of water from the upstream.

The People of haor areas in Sylhet division are facing double trouble as they are mostly dependent on the water bodies for livelihoods.

Rotten fish are now spreading across the water bodies in the area, posing health hazards.

Different small fish, including puti, tengra, bheda, baila, pabda are dying and ruhi, katla, mrigel, kalibous and grass carp were found floating in the water. The local administration has advised people not consume those fish.

Not only the fishes, hundreds of ducks have reportedly died at Fenchuganj in Sylhet, where duck farming is a major source of livelihood for the locals around Hakaluki haor.

Every year, bumper harvests of Boro paddy bring smiles to the faces of farmers of the haor districts while rice traders from different places in the country throng the markets in the haor districts to buy paddy directly from the farmers between mid- April to May every year.

The devastating effect on croplands causes the death of a large number of fish and duck, a major source of livestock in the haor region.

The flash flood has submerged 1, 41,000 hectares of farmland in six northeastern districts, affecting around 423,000 farmers, according to Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE).

Local people said, Farmers in Kishoreganj, Netrokona, Habiganj, Sunamganj, Moulvibazar and Sylhet districts will have to face severe food shortages in the coming days due to the devastating effects of the flood.

People who were supposed to sell their crops by now are buying rice from the market for daily needs after selling off their cattle and other belongings.

Distressed people with no belongings to sell are flocking the OMS centers opened in the flood affected areas. People were seen running after different points of open market sales (OMS) in the haor districts to buy rice and wheat at Tk 15 and 17 a kg respectively.

Director (monitoring) of Field Services Wing of DAE, told that 388,000 metric tones of food grains were damaged by the flood.

He also said the Agriculture Ministry is yet to take any decision to provide any support to the farmers affected by the flood as this season already elapsed.

We may give support to the farmers in the next seasons, he said.

Besides, fish in the Hakaluki Haor have started dying from Sunday as paddy submerged under flash floods continues to rot and the fertilizers and pesticide used in the crops have made the water toxic for fish.

Already president M Abdul Hamid Visited the Flood affected area in Sunamganj. he told a view-exchange meeting with local elected representatives, senior citizens, professionals, academics, freedom fighters and government officials at Zila Parisahd auditorium on Monday night.

He said, capital dredging of rivers coming from across the border to Bhairab is essential to ensure proper navigability to save haors from flashfloods.

Capital dredging system of the rivers is a must to save the haor areas from inundation . . . Besides, the construction of sustainable submerged embankment is mandatory in this regard, Voicing concern over the early flashflood in Sunamganj, Kishoreganj, Netrakona and other haor areas due to onrush of waters from Indian hills,

the President said, Being an inhabitant of haor and also a son of farmer, I am very much anxious about the situation and we need a permanent solution in this regard.

Disaster Management and Relief Minister Mofazzal Haossain Chowdhury Maya visited flood affected area and said the government will provide necessary support to the flood affected people in haor areas.

“The extreme poor in haor areas will get food through VGF programmes while the flood affected ones will get food-grain at Taka 10 per kg only,”

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