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London Bangla Press Club celebrates Independence Day

London Bangla Press Club organised an event to mark the 46th anniversary of Independence Day of Bangladesh.  The press club honoured three freedom fighter journalists who are living in London and working in Bengali media.

President of the Press Club Syed Nahash Pasha presided over the meeting and General Secretary Mohammed Jubair Ahmed conducted it.

Three freedom fighter journalists are Special Correspondent of Shaptahik Janomot and former Press Minister Abu Musa Hasan, Political Correspondent of Shaptahik Janomot Ishaq Kajol and Journalist Musa Hasan.

Treasurer of London Bangla Press Club Abu Saleh Mohammod Masum delivered the welcoming speech. Mizanur Rahman Khan of BBC Bangla was the principal contributor on discussion called ‘Independence of Media’.

Other guests who addressed the audience were former General Secretary of LBPC Abdus Sattar, Chief Editor of Shatyabani Syed Anash Pasha, Editor of Shaptahik Shurma Syed Ahmed Moyez, Executive Editor of Shaptahik Janomot Sayeem Chowdhury and Journalist Akbar Hossain.

Three freedom fighter journalists shared their stories of wartime with the audience.

While discussing the issue of independence of media, Mizanur Rahman emphasised that today online news portals are the main threats of independence.  It is very common these days that online media and social news portals are broadcasting false news and hence it is creating negative image of a person, community or event a country as a whole.  

He also mentioned that once the restrictions from the government, owners and other agencies were obstacles in serving general news, which are still visible these days, however, these days, online journalism are the main threat to independent journalism and only individual conscience can resolve this issue.

Treasurer ASM Masum welcomed the government’s declaration of announcing 25th March as Genocide Day and urged everyone to observe this day.

Salauddin Shahin Munira Parvin and Misbah Jamal recited from the poem on the second part of the event. Mostofa Kamal Milon, Rupi Amin and Gouri Chowdhury Chowdhury sang song.

This cultural part of the event was conducted by Member of LBPC Rupi Amin


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