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Withdraw case, compensate Nayan

It is a relief that Jagannath University student Nayan Basar, unjustly shot by police, has been released on bail after the media reported on the incident. But the wrongdoings must be addressed. He was called an Islami Chhatra Shibir activist and shot in the leg. The police charged him with setting fire to a bus. When it was discovered that he was a HIndu boy, the police then called him a BNP activist.

The bus pasenger Nayan Basar was a victim of the bus fire which took place on 4 February night in old Dhaka. When the Kotwali police accused him of being a Shibir worker and of setting fire to the bus, he told them his name and religion, but the police just went ahead and shot him in the leg. Dint the police know that even if he was a Shibir activist, the police had no right to shoot him? That policeman who carried out this deed must been tried and punished. It is because the police excesses are never questioned that they tend to shoot people unnecessarily.

Then again, just because Nayan Basar was a Hindu and so couldn’t be a Shibir activists, he was then called a BNP activist. This is obviously politically motivated. Such a tendency among the law enforcement agencies is unacceptable.

Granting Nayan bail is not enough. The case filed against him by the police must be withdrawn. He must be given compensation. He must be ensured proper medical treatment. Nayan’s hapless mother didn’t file charges because the police shot at her son. But the government itself should take legal action against the member of the police force who shot Nayan in the leg.

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