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Where are women safe?

A garments factory worker has been assaulted again. After Manikganj, Savar and Mymensingh, this time it was in Sonargaon, Narayanganj. Will there be no place safe for women in this country?

After work, the girl boarded a bus at 11 in the night. Exhausted, she fell asleep in her seat. Once the other passengers alight, the driver and his helpers took advantage of the situation and raped her. They threw her to the roadside, seriously injured.

The police have arrested one of the criminals. The others have been identified through his confessional statement. They must be arrested and tried as soon as possible. In Delhi there is a huge movement against such incidents. The law was changed under public pressure and the criminals were punished. Around the same time a similar crime took place in Savar, but the perpetrators haven’t been punished.

Whether it is in public places, while commuting, at home or outside, women are safe nowhere. Women workers are the most victimised in public places.

On Thursday Prothom Alo published a report about an attempt made to rape a minor girl, just of grade five. If such an incident happens in a reputed school of the city, then what about the other places? How many of the incidents actually reach the media and go on to the court?

Special security measures must be ensured for women, particular in places they frequent more. This is the responsibility of the government, the administration. The authorities should have made arrangements to sent the girls home by their own transport. Some factories have started this practice. The girl assaulted in Araihajar surely didn’t have such facilities. The matter o concern is that the ones who people rely upon for safety, are oblivious about these happenings. They might not commit the crime themselves, per se, but it is because some of them that these crimes are being committed.

So they must bear the indirect blame alongside those who actually commit the crime. They must be punished for negligence of duty.

It will not be possible to stop this brutality against women without stern punishment and highest surveillance.

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