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Ashulia bank robbery and police inaction

Bank robberies are nothing new in Bangladesh. But the recent bank robbery in Ashulia was violent. The robbers not only shot dead three of the bank staff members, they also opened fire and blasted bombs when the public tried to resist them. But the public managed to catch them. One of the robbers died in the mob beating and another was injured. The police deputy inspector general (DIG) of Dhaka Range claimed that this was more than just a bank robbery. He said that one of the culprit nabbed was a Shibir activist.

Whoever the robbers may be, it is the responsibility of the police to find out. If the incident was more than just a robbery, as the DIG claimed, then what measures did the police take to prevent it? Coming up with explanations after the event, or totally skirting around the incident (as in the case of women being harassed on the Bengali new year), is totally unacceptable. The manner in which the robbers staged their attack, their planning and their tactics, all indicate that they had no fear of any resistance from the law enforcement agencies. Had the local people not come forward so fearlessly, all the robbers would have managed to get away.

If what the police officer said was true, that the robber has used extremely modern weapons and bombs, then that is even more a matter of concern. What steps have the law enforcers taken to prevent the use of such weapons and explosives?

People deposit money in the banks for safety. If the banks are robbed and bank staff members are killed, then where are the people to go? Had the bank robbers of the past been tried and punished, then perhaps this terrible incident could have ben avoided.

Let here be a proper investigation into the Ashulia bank robbery and let the criminals be given exemplary punishment. It is imperative to provide the banks and other financial institutions strong security.

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